Sunday, December 16, 2007

Couch Recover Finished

We purchased a long thin drop cloth to cover the cushions, thereby finishing off our couch makeover. We laid the drop cloth underneath,

placed the cushions on top, folded over and tucked in the excess. It fit very well. I have two throw pillows which match the original couch. I'd like to cover them with a heavy vintage 1970's green table cloth. That earthy green rough cotton will look great with this couch. That's a project for another week.


Therese said...

The lounge looks great. Last year we bought a new couch and chairs and we were only able to get cream coloured covers. I knew then that they would be impossible to keep clean with my clan so we bought some blue fabric to cover them. I haven't got around to doing them yet but I think I should these holidays.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Therese. You know you just gave me an idea! I could have dyed this cloth with Rit powdered dye. It's a very inextensive dye in the U.S. I think you can do it in the washer, if I could fit the cover in it.

I like the natural color, but it's an idea if I want to change the color.

My two year old ran off from the table yesteday and got tomato sauce on the couch. I sponged it off right away, and it cleaned up well. The fabric must have a natural coating because it resists stains.

I think there is also a spray coat, Scotch Guard here in the states, which makes the fabric stain resistent.

I like cream colored sofas, but you are right...not so practical with children. I bet they will look nice with the blue. :)

Therese said...

We have scotch guard here too. I didn't really think of it though when we bought the couch. I will take some photo's when we finish it and put them on my blog. The fabric I got for the couch matches in really well with the curtains even though I bought them at different times.

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