Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Continuing with Free Fourth Grade Reading Lessons

Ds has two more lessons in his Pathway fourth grade reader and workbook. I will be sad to finish this reader. I've liked this wholesome series with life lessons. The stories are so cute! My favorite was Dotty the Salmon. The reading and vocabulary was challenging, but the stories kept ds's interest and it was enjoyable.

So, I'll be back to using the vintage readers from my homeschool library. I posted a short series of these a while back. I'll continue sharing beginning with Week V, only this time I'll be adding five lessons a week.

I won't be doing this for the entire school year as we still plan to use Rod & Staff's fourth grade reader which cover the New Testament. We school all year round, so there is no rush.


Lisa said...

You know, there are other books in this series. I haven't used them yet, as I am finishing up the third grade ones just now. You can buy them from Rainbow Resource. The series goes up to 8th grade.

God bless,

Alexandra said...

Yes, we are still working with these readers. Ds is working on grade six now...time flies! We get ours from Rod & Staff Books on my sidebar.

Thanks for your comment. :)

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