Friday, November 30, 2007

Children's Book Finds

We enjoy frequenting the library, and I always like to browse the stacks for interesting books to assign for reading. This week I found a nicely illustrated and well written book on Saints, Ten Saints by Eleanor Farjeon published in 1936. The reading level appears to be advanced fourth or fifth grade and up. Ds is really enjoying this one.

These books are a bit unseasonal, but in our area it's still warmish weather with our fall veggies still growing and producing.

Good Bugs and Bad Bugs in Your Garden: Back-Yard Ecology I thumbed through this book and it was really interesting. I still need to learn about this topic and the illustrations really help. After we read this book, ds should be able to help me in the garden with good bugs and bad bugs. The reading level looks to be advanced third or fourth grade and up.

At a lower reading level for ds, but still informative with nice vintage illustrations of a country farm, My Garden Grows by Aldren Watson

These two garden books go nicely together, and are perfect for fall as we harvest our last vegetables and prepare the beds for winter. It really doesn't get cold here until late January.


Esther said...

The saint book is good! I found it in Friends of Library sale for .50!

Alexandra said...

Lucky you! What a great find. I was very surprised to still see this old book in the stacks. I plan to read it as well, just as soon as ds is done.

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