Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Make a Quilt From Your Old Clothes

Debbie over at Homemaking Dreams made a quilt from her son's jeans and other clothing items. Do click on the picture(on her blog) and take a closer look, it's so nicely done.

She has linked the free pattern and tutorial. The pattern is called Gentleman's Quarters. My grandmother had handmade quilts on all the guest beds at her home, and they were very similar to this pattern. It brings back pleasant memories seeing this particular pattern.


Debbie J. said...

Thank you so much Alexandra. I appreciate you linking to the quilt post.

Anna S said...

I have plenty of old clothes, so this was really handy. Thanks!

Alexandra said...

Thanks for you comments!

Debbie, your sewing projects are so practical and they turn out great! I hope to do the same when I have more time.

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