Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homemade Dye and Ink

Today the family went to a local museum and ds went through an interactive Jamestown exhibit. This was our second time through, and it's loosely themed on the television show Survivor. You get a bead board and make life choices about 17th century living(first landing). It was fun, and the children learn quite a bit about what was needed to survive in the New World. At the end you add up your beds, and based on your score, you find out if you survived or not. Some of the questions were based on what was needed for making everyday objects.

Easy Fun School had some interesting links for homemade dyes and inks made in Colonial times(and before).

Coffee Dye

Cranberry Dye

Homemade Ink from Berries

Homemade Ink from Nuts

Marigold Dye

Mustard Dye

Purple Cabbage Dye

Spinach Dye

Tea Dye

Walnut Shell Dye

Fun and frugal.


Anna S said...

Thank you for this useful info!

Mrs. Brigham said...

These look like fun!

Alexandra said...

Thanks for your comments all! :)

Jen said...

We just got back from visiting family and enjoyed what sounds like this same exhibit- we also had a great visit to Jamestown itself. Thanks for sharing the links too!

Alexandra said...

Jen, you probably did..the Living Museum, right? We'll have to get to Jamestown. We haven't gotten out there in over a year. Glad you had a nice visit. :)

Robyn said...

Thanks for the dye info--that's one of the pioneer activities I wanted to have in our homeschool this week!

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