Saturday, September 22, 2007

Print & Go: How to Pray the Rosary

Click here(pdf file). Note: This print-out is color coded for ease of use, we just don't have a color printer.

This is helpful for children who are beginning to learn the rosary. We placed the instruction sheet into a plastic sleeve, the type which has the hole punches for a three ring binder. It is easily stored in the binder and the plastic sleeve makes it last.

Other ways to use the rosary: Pray for someone after each decade, or use it with a Novena.


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Recently, in a comment on someone else's blog, you mentioned a virtual Rosary. I'm just curious as to which one you use? There are two that I sometimes use: and I'm wondering if it's one of these, or if there is another that you use that I'm not aware of? :)

Alexandra said...

Hi Margaret.:) This is the one that I use:

It even works off line, once you load it completely. I have it as my home page.