Sunday, September 23, 2007

Freezer Biscuits

My freezer biscuits - recipe from fellow frugal blogger, Retrofoods. These are going to be frozen on this rack before I put them in a food saver. It keeps them from sticking together.

Tips for the perfect biscuit. Mine were just a wee bit heavy, and I found out why at this link. Don't mix or knead the biscuit dough too much. The more you knead, the heavier the biscuit.

BTW, Retrofood's Chicken with Sherry recipe was good as well.


Marie said...

This may seem silly but I was never really taught to cook.

Can you freeze fresh herbs in the freezer like Basil, Sage etc?

Thanks Alexandra:)


Anonymous said...

I am indebted to you! Here from LikeMerchantShips because of the sugar cookie question, but most appreciative for the biscuit tutorial link at

I was raised by Southern women but somehow escaped learning to cook really tasty food, though my palate is forever etched by their superior cooking.

Yesterday we had new folks over after church and enjoyed each other's company so much I said "HEY! I'll make biscuits and eggs for supper and then you don't have to go home!" (Happy memories of similar scenes growing up trumped better judgement) But my biscuits were an absolute disaster, heavy, gummy... DUH! I used King Arthur whole wheat flour which according to PinchmySalt is the highest protein flour on her list!

THANK YOU. I really mean it.

deb meyers

Alexandra said...

Marie: Funny you should ask this because I was wondering myself, and just this month I read that this can be done on a blog. I wish I could remember who mentioned this. I do remember that they regularly harvest their own herbs, so I think they have experience. I plan to try this myself. I don't like drying the herbs, but freezing is easy! Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to post about this when I try it.

Deb: LOL, I know what you mean about biscuit disasters. There really is an art to it. Who knew! Good luck with your biscuits...I've finally almost mastered making a really light biscuit. Tricky little devils. ;) Thanks for dropping by. :)

Anna S said...

Are you serious?.. Well maybe I'm overdoing my dough every time, then! I think I am.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the link, Alexandra! I saw the freezer biscuit recipe earlier today and wondered how they turn out. Even though biscuits don't take long to make, it's always nice when you can just pop something in the oven with no mess at all!

Alexandra said...

Anna: I'll let you know if mine work out better next time...see if less kneading really does the trick.

Nicole: Yes, I love homemade too and these are so convenient. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Marie said...

Thanks Alexandra:)

the next time I go grocery shopping I will buy some herbs and freeze them. See what happens.

Peace to you:)


Alexandra said...

You are welcome, Marie. I'll have to post about this soon. I've seen a few other posts about herbs recently.

Tarrant said...

awww I usually make a point of saying don't overmix. Many a biscuit and muffin get overmixed.

Glad you liked the Chicken too.

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