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Free Online Homeschooling Books

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Kim of In Beauty And In Grace has done the legwork researching the internet for some really wonderful free online books for literature and homeschooling. She has many of the links listed on the left sidebar under A Living Education, as well in blog posts. I spent a long time there the other night looking through her beautiful and informative blog - a wonderful thrifty resource for Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers or other wise.

HT to Like Merchant's Ships

I'm going to contact her to find out how she teaches with the free online books; whether she uses an ebook reader, a laptop, or whether she prints the book out.

I'd like to start another blog with free online homeschooling literature which I can link here on my sidebar. The search engines are easy to find for free online books, but knowing which titles are useful for homeschooling is another matter. I haven't found any free online book resources which are searchable by subject, or at least if they were searchable, the categories were poorly organized.

Kim was kind enough to share these links for some free online Catholic readers:

Standard Catholic Readers – Third Year

The Ideal Catholic Readers – Fifth Year

Standard Catholic Readers – Fifth Year


KAlexaLott said...

Hmmm, well let me see how to answer this because I do a little of all of these.

If it's a book that I know for sure, say This Country of Ours (one of our History spines), that both of my girls are going to read (I have a 13yo and an 8yo), then most of the time I will print it out. But if only one of them is going to read it, which is usually the younger, or if it's a book I've assigned to my oldest daughter but I'm not sure if we will like it, then I'll have them read it on the computer. We only have a desk top computer, so they have to sit at the desk. That's not alway easy, because I write for a publication and I'm also working on some ebooks of my own, so I need the computer, a LOT! We don't own a lap top, but I VERY much would love to have three of them! Isn't that awful?, very materialistic and selfish. But, it's true,I'd like one for each of the girls and one for myself, but, I'd be satisfied with one. We also don't have an ebook reader, but that would be nice too. I'd love to find a way that the girls could sit in a comfy chair and read instead of at the desk.

Printing can get really expensive, but I did learn recently that you can download books to cd or disk and take them to Office Max of Staples and have them printed out and bound for much cheaper than printing them yourself. I'm going to look into that.

Some libraries also allow you a certain number of free copies for each person in your family who has a library card, so that's another way you could print off some smaller books, or maybe one large one. Check with your local library to see if they provide this type of service.

I'd love to hear from others on this subject as well. It's one of the things that I've struggled with. I don't like my girls sitting at the computer all day, bu then again, there are some REALLY wonderful books out there that they would miss otherwise.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Alexandra said...

Thanks again for all the helpful information. And thanks for the lovely pictures on flickr!

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