Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Hearts Homeschooling Library

I just added a link on my sidebar to my public domain(free) homeschooling books blog. I'm just getting started, but I'll be adding free books by grade and subject.

I'll also be adding any information I gather about the logistics of using online books for homeschooling.


a soldier's wife said...

Thanks! This is a great link. I'm not homeschooling currently, although I did in the past, but I'm feeling myself pulled in the homeschooling direction again, so what a wonderful resource to have ;-)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

What a wonderful service. Btw, I emailed you on Sunday. Could your email service have blocked it? (Or maybe mine didn't send it.) I'll try again.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

A little later: Just emailed you via I've been having occasional trouble with Yahoo not getting delivered lately, so I hope this works better. You might want to put my gmail address in your address book or check your bulk mail folder. Btw, it's about homeschool books. :)

Alexandra said...

I just emailed you...didn't see your email from Sunday. Send it again and I'll be on the look out for it. My bulk folder is cleared out(for now), so it will be easy for me to check there too. Usually I have a couple hundred spam emails in there after a day or two.

Alexandra said...

Thanks, ASW. :)

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