Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Bible Study Diagrams


Bible Diagrams. A very helpful timeline pairing secular history with Biblical history. Although historically these dates are always estimates, it's a wonderful way to have a general point of reference when studying both secular history and the Bible.

Scrolling down at the above site, you'll see smaller sections of the Bible diagrammed. This Hebrew Bible diagram will be useful for ds's third grade Bible reading which covers much of Kings.

Print tip: Before printing, I altered the size and color of these images(the one above is the original) with Google's free photo image editor, Picasa. If you have problems with print quality using black and white ink, edit the picture to black and white before printing.

Picasa's print mode will prompt you to alter the size. I use the second to the largest to get the best quality. There is no print button, just use your browser control panel while in Picasa to prompt Picasa's print editor.

These images are not completely copyright free, just free for personal use.


Anna S said...

Very helpful! Great timeline. Thank you, Alexandra!

. said...

This is very good. Thank you.