Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Treating Cat Lice, EWWW

So we took the cat to the vet, he viewed our slide and determined the cat had sucking lice. YUCK! He said the best method for remedying the situation was a medicated shampoo. I really thought this might be a nightmare trying to give a cat a bath, but it turned out okay. Instead of using the bathtub, we used a bucket in the garage. We need to give him another bath next week, and then again in two weeks. Poor cat!

Who are your friends, Mr Dirty Cat!




He needs some
Cat Treatsnow!

I read the Merck Veterinary manual which indicated that direct contact with a host carrier is required for contracting these vile pests. Hmmm, not sure who my cat's friends are outdoors. It doesn't sound like he has very wholesome peer contact. Apparently, long haired cats are more likely to carry the lice, and our cat is not long haired. Pretty weird how he got this as I never see any other cats around our area.


Heidi said...

Poor kitty! In that last photo he looks really indignant! LOL Now you only have to do this for how many more weeks?

susamoose said...

We just found out that our two indoor cats have sucking lice. We have absolutely no idea where they could have gotten it but we were told to use Advantage and that would take care of it. We had no clue that they even had lice until I was itchy for a couple of weeks and discovered small bugs crawling around on my stomach. It was a relief to find out that it wasn't body lice for humans! lol

Alexandra said...

Oh how gross! I think I'd die if they came off on my skin. They shoot off the cat when they are "done" and just squirm around. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I did notice that Advantage now treats this, or maybe it always did. I saw it on the list this summer when I was looking for flea and tick control.

I hope you kitties get lice free soon. The shampoo kills them right away.

Thanks for your comment. :)

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